Company / organizing entity: Esther Garcia Navarro

The for as a path: A space for interviews about emotions.

Fear as a path arises from the intersection between a vital concern, the desire to learn and improve as a professional. It wants to be a space of conversation where to share with other humans the experiences of per, if they have been able to manage them and how, what they have after them… The per as way is this meeting point where you can talk about all the emotions and how manage them so you can live better.

Learn to live together and make your way with emotions and the key to being able to enjoy well-being.

  1. Cori Calero – Fear as a path in the world of communication
  2. David Bueno – Fear as a path from the perspective of neuroscience
  3. Manel Alías – Fear as a path with Manel Alías
  4. Xavier Llenas – Fear as a path with Xavier Llenas
  5. Maribel Martínez – Fear as a path with Maribel Martínez
  6. Coral Regí – Fear as a path with Coral Regí
  7. Roger Escapa –  Fear as a path with Roger Escapa